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For a car to stand out, it needs to look good all over, especially on the wheels. Many drivers already know that bold and flashy rims can really attract attention, making them stand out from the crowd. Go down to any urban area, and you’ll probably see such a car, the wheels shining bright in day or night.

Of course, fancy wheels also demand a lot of maintenance. Grime will accumulate on the rims and hubcaps after use. They can also suffer wear and tear if you do a lot of driving. It is for these reasons that you may want wheel restoration or rim repair.

This means more than just fixing up the wheels. Wheel restoration can give your rims a brand new look. Rim refinishing lets them shine as if they were brand new, and customization lets you show off however you please.

You can get basic wheel repair at just about any autobody shop, but they might not be the best choices for customized wheels. Alloy wheel repair can be more complex due to the materials involved. You do not want the wheels to lose their luster due to careless refinishing.

Fortunately, you can find specialty shops that specialize in rim refinishing and repainting.They know how important your wheels are to you, and will treat them with the best care.

If you’re looking for wheel restoration in Wallingford, CT, you can find it at Wheelcraft LLC. We can deliver the best in alloy wheel repair, re-welding, and custom rims.

Located At

89 North Plains Industrial Road #30,
Wallingford, CT 06492
(203) 529-1817